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Super Basic Suit

Suit Height

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  • Basic Suits

    • Constructed with a durable cotton/lycra or nylon/lycra unitard.
    • Our unique combination of materials provides a lightweight suit with great flexibility and range of motion.
    • Extra heavy-duty zippers and stitching to ensure maximum durability and performance for the life of your suit.
    • Skillfully assembled and constructed by hand. 
    • Each muscle is carefully placed to provide the most anatomically correct suit.

    If you are looking for shadowing and veins you will be interested in our Deluxe Suit.


    Add it all up, and you can see why muscle suits from Flex Design Costumes are at the top of their class... but don't just take our word for it, visit our photo gallery and see for yourself how our amazing customers use their Flex Design suits to bring their characters to life!

Please note that our suits have been redesigned so if you have ordered a suit in the past, it might be different.

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