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In February 2009, Brandon Lane set out to create a mascot for the private school his kids attended, even though he had zero experience creating mascots or muscle suits of any kind. The results were impressive! "Christian the Contender" was a huge hit with the fans, and was front and center as the basketball team won first place in their league at the state tournament. 

After the 2010 basketball season, Brandon set out to create a new and improved mascot. He planned to sell the old one on eBay in order to fund the creation of the new one. Hundreds of dollars later, he realized that other schools and groups would love to purchase a mascot of that quality, so he began developing techniques to create a muscle suit, which was the core component of the mascot. 

Around this same time, Brandon met a friend who encouraged him to join a forum called the League of Heroes, where he was able to connect with many talented and creative individuals who gave feedback and helped to promote these new suits.


Now that Brandon had a formula for his muscle suits, it was time to officially start the business. The name "Flex Design Costumes" was chosen because of the flexed muscles of the suits, the flexible design & fit, and the fact that the suits are a perfect base for costumes. Brandon and his family bootstrapped the business using their personal finances, and worked with friends from their church to help create a logo, take product pictures, and develop Flex's first website. 

As the business began to grow, every order seemed to demand that Brandon develop new techniques and innovations in order to make the suits look and feel exactly the way he wanted. Through trial and error he developed a proprietary system for design and assembly, and then expanded the product line to five types of full body muscle suits, plus upper body suits. Based on customer requests, twenty-four suit colors were added, as well as options for airbrushing and veins... and Flex still has to offer a "custom" category for the amazing customers who continue to imagine and create so much more!


As word began to spread about this new company producing amazing muscle suits, it was only a matter of time until Hollywood came knocking on Flex Design's door. A portion of Brandon's time would now need to be given to corresponding with production companies, directors, and other film professionals who had heard about his suits. 

Having quickly outgrown Brandon's garage, Flex Design needed room to increase production capabilities and create a better structure and workflow. In 2012 the business moved to a larger facility and began to expand the team. Utilizing the lessons learned through our "growing pains" and making key additions to the team in 2014 has led us to where we are today -- a one-of-a-kind company producing amazingly lifelike muscle suits that are handmade in the USA for hobbyists and professionals alike.

If you are a member of the press and would like more information about Flex Design, please contact us at press@flexdesigncostumes.com

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