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Hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent and hang dry. Do not dry clean, and do not use hot water or place the suit in a dryer. You can also Frebreze the suit in between washes.

We do have the option of doing a Rush, but you would need to email us to see what the availability is for a Rush. (We have limited availability for Rush orders.) We can normally have a Rush order finished in about 7-10 business days.

Because we are not currently licensed through Marvel or DC, we cannot do complete characters (putting logos on, etc) We can help you get started with the Muscle suit as the base, but you would need to accessorize the rest.

That is entirely up to the design teams discretion. Since these suits are hand pieced together, custom work can be very labor intensive. Starting customs fees begin at $250 and go up from there.

No, you can do some mix-matching of muscle groups and there it no a custom fee involved.

We normally use USPS Priority or Express with signature confirmation. We are able to use UPS or Fed Ex upon customer request, but there may be additional costs involved.

Because we are always in and out between the shop and the office, it is best to email us and leave us a phone number and we will contact you.

No, we do not color match or dye the suits. The materials we use are very specific and we cannot use any type of fabrics or colors. We offer a variety of colors to choose from.

Yes, we can do that. Keep in mind, that depending on what size suit you are ordering, you may lose some muscle groups in the traps by lowering the neckline

We offer all the sizes from the Lean to the Mega Giant Deluxe in the upper body.

We use Paypal as our payment terminal and Paypal accepts payments with Visa, MC, American Express and Discover. You do not need a Paypal account to order.

That depends on the person wearing the suit and what size the suit is. Some customer sweat in them while others do not. The bigger the suit, the more likely you are to sweat in it because of all the layers. You may want to consider getting a cooling vest to go underneath.

Yes, they have stretch and mobility to them, so you can jump in them, run, etc.

No, it will weigh the suit down with the water soaking into all the foam muscle pieces.

There are many factors involved in how the muscles lay on each person’s build and how much it bulks them up. For example, a Standard suit on a person who is 5’6” vs someone who is 6’2” won’t look the same. We have put together a generalized chart of approx. measurements with each of the different suits that were put on a mannequin.

Normal turn around time is around 6-8 weeks. During peak season (the summer and fall) the wait might be a week longer depending on how many orders are in queue at the time.

Yes, we do offer in-between sized suits. You would need to email us to inquire on the price.

The suits are made to have a tighter fit, so if it was made correctly, you should not be able to zip it up yourself and you will need help. Please follow the instructions enclosed with the suit on how to properly put the suit on (do not pull on the muscles, etc).

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