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Special Thanks

We would like to take a moment to thank those who have helped support Flex Design Costumes.

First and foremost - I would like to thank God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ - for giving me the strength and opportunity for this company. Years ago my only source of income was from the church where I worked. I had a friend who also worked there but he had a side business building websites (that would prove helpful in the future). One day I told him how I wished I had a way to make some extra income on the side but I really didn't have any special skills like he did. Needless to say a couple of years later I was creating custom muscle suits. Only God knows all of the treasure that He puts into people, and only when we seek Him will we begin to discover all that He has designed us to do... and for that I thank Him with all that I am.

Pastor Smith - It might seem a little funny to see a muscle suit business thanking a Pastor, but if it had not been for his invaluable counsel, wisdom, and encouragement along the way, I would never have even started this journey.

Members of The League of Heroes and The Superhero Costuming Forum – this is where I cut my teeth in developing muscle suits. I found these forums to be full of people who have a passion and creativity that is inspiring and motivating. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience to help improve our products!

League of Heroes Logo Superhero Costuming Forum

Trevor – thank you for directing me to the skilled members of LOH and the SCF.

Lem – thank you for your confidence, support and inspiration.

Dan - thank you for the outstanding web work. Your patience and creative design has made this an enjoyable journey. Also, can you give me a call? I have a few more things I need done LOL

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